Log Book servicing:

  • Your vehicle is serviced as per manufacturers recommendation (dealership servicing), to extend reliability and maintain the cars performance at its best and your manufacturers warranty is safe.


Maintenance Servicing:

  • Carried out every 10,000 km’s or 6 month, the vehicle is serviced as per our high standard schedule, oil and filter replacement, safety check, fluid level and condition inspections and top ups, 110 point Quixspede safety check, car wash and detail.


Major mechanical repairs:

  • Engine and Transmission overhauls,
  • Clutch replacements,
  • Brake system repairs, replacement and upgrades,
  • Exhaust repairs and Upgraded, Sports systems.
  • Suspension repairs and Upgrades,


Electronic tuning:

  • Quixspede has always kept up with new technology; we have the latest and up to-date computerized testing and most dealer factory diagnosing equipment, to cater for modern vehicles.


APR approved workshop

  •  APR tuning, mapping and upgrades up to stage 5


A/C Service and repairs:

  • Air conditioning service, repairs and fault diagnosis.



off car Fuel injection cleaning and reconditioning:

  • We employ the latest off-car fuel injector cleaner.
  • We are certified and do clean injectors for retailers, such as Auto One, Lexus…etc.


On Car Carbon Clean:

  • This is a special cleaning process for engines which have traveled over 80,000 km’s and have lost power because of carbon built up on top of the piston rings and valves.


Walnut blasting:

  • Late model vehicles, mainly European which have FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) type engines, where the fuel is injected straight unto the piston, bypassing the valves, have a tendency to build up hard carbon sooth  on the valves, causing hesitation, sluggishness, hard to start and numerous engine light faults.
  • we have the equipment to clean out the carbon completely and cleanly off the valves without expensive cylinder head removal.

Registration Inspection:

  • All your Registration requirements are met:
  • Pink slip. e-Safety check. (Online registration).
  • Blue Slip inspections (for interstate, overseas and unregistered vehicles) online. AUVIS
  • Defect Clearance
  • unregistered vehicle permit.
  • Historic vehicle registration inspection.


Child seat Restraint fitting service:

  • Professional child seat fitting in house by Shant Sarkissian.


Car Wash and Detailing:

  • Full range of vehicle maintenance and detailing in house, using premium and professional products only. Make your pride and joy the best it can look.


Tyre Service:

  • Supply and fitting of all major brands,
  • Balancing and repairs (sublet)
  • Wheel alignments (sublet).



  • We are agents for Bosch and Super Charge batteries, arguably the best European battery on the Australian market today.


Referrals to other trusted automotive repairers:

  • Panel and paint repairs:
  • Auto electricians
  • Trimmers
  • Alarm and stereo