Quixspede provides personalised service and advice. It means you can trust that your car is getting the best care and that your interests come first.


I am extremely particular about my car and the guys at Quixspede always go out of their way to make sure that I am happy.  They are always friendly and take the time to explain the work they have carried out. they are more than happy to answer my questions.  I love the work they do and would not trust anyone else with my car. 


Linda M. MGB Roadster

I have been a customer of Quixspede for my car servicing and maintenance for over 10 years now and can categorically state that they are one of the most polite, courteous and conscientious businesses that I’ve had the pleasure to deal with.  


Allan and the team are always smiling and friendly – even at 7:30am!  All details regarding the servicing/maintenance of my vehicle are clearly explained and talked through.  No work is undertaken without my full understanding of the requirements and my clear authorization.  Advice is honest and always given to ensure that I get the best service possible whilst keeping costs as low as possible.  I have complete faith and trust in Quixspede to look after my car, and therefore my safety.

I can’t recommend Quixspede enough to take care of your vehicle – enjoy the service from Allan and his excellent team, a 100% female friendly zone!

Julie G. Holden Astra

I have been a customer of Quixspede for about 12 years and over that time have had my Saab and Mercedes serviced.  I have also referred many friends, mainly female to Allan for the servicing of their cars.  I know very little about cars and what is needed to look after them, so I rely on Allan to advise me and deal with even the smallest issues, such as changing the light globes in the car.  Allan is extremely personable, very patient, never makes me feel like a fool, has a great sense of humour, is chatty and very accommodating. 


No request or imposition is too much for him.  At the same time, he does not assume I should not know or will not understand what is happening with the car and will explain what is wrong with it, what he has done and an explanation of his fees. 

He will contact me if anything is required which goes beyond what was originally anticipated, including the cost. 

The car is always returned to me, properly serviced, repaired and cleaned.

It is a pleasure bringing my car to Quixspede and picking it up.  It is a business as well as a social occasion. 

Lucy B. Mercedes E class

Allan and the Quixspede team are friendly, reliable and reasonably priced. I am confident that when Allan tells me the car is roadworthy, it is. He knows I drive the F3 several times a week and he would never let me out the door with an unsafe vehicle.

I have been taken for a ride in the past (a few times) by dealer's  ... service departments who tend to see women as easy targets to trick into unnecessary work. I have gone to some dodgy mechanics too, where I didn't pay much and the car experienced problems shortly thereafter.

In life, you get what you pay for and mechanics are no different. I don't know if Quixspede is the cheapest in town - I do know they are definitely not the most expensive. With them, I get quality workmanship and the car just feels good when I leave. Allan always calls me before doing any work - to get my permission to proceed and explore any options.

As a woman who has to deal on her own with tradesmen and mechanics in the, I highly recommend their services - trustworthy, quality workmanship and very friendly service.

I have been using Quixspede to service my trusty old steed for many years now. Even when I was temporarily in Canberra I would come to Sydney to get the car serviced with them that is how highly I rate them and recommend them.

Thanks Allan for the great service and for continuing to look after my old clunker of a car.


Susan A. Honda CRV




Top Quality Service from Friendly Staff

My wife and I have taken our Subaru Outback and VW Golf to Quixspede for 5 years. The service is always top notch; Allan and his staff are efficient and very effective and always friendly and helpful.

I much prefer to talk with the guys who have done the work on our  ... cars rather than the white-coated front-man at bigger service centres. We get the real story coupled with truly valuable advice.

We both highly recommend Quixspede.

Best regards,

Steve and Helen M. Subaru outback and VW Golf




I have used Quixspede for the last 7 years to service and repair both of my cars, my 9 year old BMW and my 1 year old BMW, I found them Honest and polite, Allan always rings me first to give a quote, my car always drives and feels better after its service.

I was recommended to take my car by a work colleague as I was tired of the  ... dealer prices and policies.

I have beenvery happy with their service and can recommend them to people who are looking for a dealer type service without the arrogance nor the price tag.


Robin H BMW 335i and M3